Apartment Complexes

Elevate your apartment complex with CIC Industries' flooring solutions, designed for durability and style. From common areas to individual units, our flooring creates inviting and stylish living spaces that residents will love.​


Enhance the appeal and value of your condominiums/townhouses with CIC Industries. Our flooring options provide the perfect balance of elegance and durability, ideal for common areas and individual units.​

Student Housing

Enhance the student living experience with CIC Industries. Our flooring solutions for student housing combine durability and style, creating inviting and low-maintenance spaces that students will appreciate.​

Senior Living Communities

Elevate senior living communities with CIC Industries. Our flooring solutions are designed for safety, comfort, and durability, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for residents to enjoy.​

Let Us Bring Your Vision To Life

Transform your space with CIC Industries! Request a call today to discuss your flooring options and get a quote for premium flooring soutions.